Tuesday, December 29, 2009

where is my mind?

how do you KNOW you're too connected?

too much social networking, instant messaging, email, tweets, etc? that's how i feel about now. too vulnerable to world around me. too connected...but not in any meaningful way, which is why it doesn't feel right. i'm just having a bunch of faux friend moments. one after another. we go to sleep (some of us) and then we do it again the next day. texting is replacing TALKING. gchat is speech evolved...speech evolved is unsatisfying.

computers are rotting my brain. 


1 comment:

Yvette said...

Computers are evil!! lol. For some people it just makes it easier to communicate what they really feel, unfortunately for some more than others, they can only communicate this via tweets and texts. Even when you have a real conversation with someone they may be paying more attention to the things around them then actually talking to you on the phone i.e. tv, xbox, xbox, etc. lol