Thursday, February 26, 2009

orange spice & lemon

she pulls up.

i get in.

we go for tea.

we glance at each other over our padded cups, steaming and bubbling.

chatting, we find the words come easily. 

if we don't speak we're okay. the silence isn't uncomfortable.

i rub her arm, poke her playfully.

she smiles, perhaps with adoration. she likes me and doesn't hide it.

i like her too. 

pupils dilated, joints pointing at one another, leaning forward.

we are what we are.

i was afraid this would happen.

of course, it did happen, but that's okay.

seems it was the right thing all along.

i had orange spice.

she had lemon.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

random thing

i know i've been overdosing on this lately but...i love street fighter 4. i DO NOT however, love the cheap patterns that everyone (except me) seem to be coming up with.

fight fair sometimes. i know it's a foreign concept but, how 'bout you stop picking that one character...and learning that one special move...then trying to trap people up with the SAME move. 

HEY! here's an idea: win with skill instead of slut tactics. too much?

yeeeeeea, i thought so. they scar your lovely legacy, street fighter. better off playing alone.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

the cycle of wanting...

another late night...

working on some music. i don't have long to play at this point. it's just about nightly cut-off time. due to an inflated electric bill i am grounded by strict house rules. honestly, it's maddening. music is an impulse based animal. if i don't have the freedom to bend to those impulses, it takes the feeling out of the whole process.

i've been cracking away at a little weekend project (that's taking longer than a weekend). i think it could be something funky to listen to, but man...i can't wait until my recording rig is up to spec. i'm doing everything the long way. there is no convenience to be found in my technology. the fact that there IS technology at my disposal is why i brave the tedium. less than 4 months ago i was wishing for just enough to allow me to project my creativity out to the world. now i have "just enough"...but it's not. the cycle of wanting doesn't end i suppose, it just resets.

another piece of the puzzle in the books, i'll be heading off to bed soon. one can only hope that whoever listens "gets" what i'm trying to do here. one can only hope that if no one does "get" it, i'm not as saddened as i have been in the past. finding that key demo that connects with what you do artistically is difficult. i seek love as though i have never known it...and when i get it, it's likely i'll just wish for more than love.

the cycle of wanting does not end. it just resets, i suppose.



Sunday, February 1, 2009

off the books...

royce. elzhi. supastition-

the original:

my version:

more soon...