Wednesday, May 27, 2009

sleep studies

i think i'm a natural sleep fighter. i fight it more now than i did as a child. at least that's how it seems. maybe i haven't mustered the discipline to just go to if i'll miss something.

it's such an odd and ultimately miniature concern.

soon my burning the candle will impact me negatively. i'll crash. i will sleep like i'm in cryo and wake up groggy. would it be different if it weren't standard to go to bed at a certain time?

i saw a special on the news about an experiment. a group of teens gave up their computers and cell phones for a week or so. they had all these breakthroughs...and granted, they had extreme habits (texting over a thousand times in a month?! c'mon) but the experiment did have a positive general effect on the teens. they did things they hadn't done before like look at...trees. i know, i know, it sounds silly. but the adage became reality: stop and smell the flowers. i think i should do the same sometime soon.

i know this is random. i just felt like writing.

on that note, i'm up later than i'd like once again. off to bed for me...