Tuesday, July 24, 2007

random thing

i just responded to an aim mail from oct. 2006

i...just never checked my inbox.


Monday, July 23, 2007

fuck has' day...intro

so i'm working on a new cd.

it's called "Fuck Has Day", and no, that's not "has" as in "who Has to use the lavatory?". it's more like "Has-Lo", the rapper/producer (that's me, Has-Lo. with a low A).

this the first time i've done a solo cd.

for the first time i'll be handling all the grunt work associated with making music...writing, producing, and arranging. for the first time in my life i'm making the kind of music I want to make. i don't have to take shorts when it comes to quality because my "team" is weak.

i've been making music a long time...with no reward or recognition. this isn't one of those hard luck, last ditch efforts. i'll keep making music and talking my shit, but it's time for a new approach (i don't mean selling out)-

no features.

all the production is done by me this time around...my new mpc is blue like gun metal. and i'm itching to blow a hole in your speaker.

anyway, i've got one more studio session. then mix down. then we need (read: i need) to find a way to get it into your hands...we've got some work to do.

i'm feeling a little pissy today..."Fuck Has' Day" coming soon.


ok computer...

you know what?

i hate computers...and the internet. yep. hate 'em.
for all the convenience they allow us, the beautiful people at all the leading companies, dealing in all manner of computer technology (web providers, hardware developers, etc.) can't seem to cook up a product that doesn't magically malfunction for little to no apparent reason-

if i buy an xbox 360, and the fucker doesn't play the games i just spent 60 bucks on...i say "oh- ho! the disc drive...isn't working."

i don't have to run all kinds of various checks and scans only to have the computer to tell me, after an hour or more, that nothing's wrong. do these things have some sort of strange artificial intelligence?

some self preservational sub-programming that helps it figure random ways around software slavery and death via obsolescence...

fuck if i know.

i just want to log onto my verizon account...


Friday, July 20, 2007

the usual way...

for those who don't know...

i used to blog on myspace. i wrote some good stuff on that site-
and i'm not hating on the house that tom built, but i can't do it anymore.

something that was once therapeutic became stressful

i felt shackled.

you can blog on myspace, you can post all your most intimate musings, but eventually you realize. no matter what incredible break-throughs in thought you have...you will never grow.

or at least that's my opinion.

i'll clarify if you'll lend me another second of your time. myspace is a breeding ground for drama whores. if you write something with even a twinge of substance to it (gasp, substance?!), you will be scrutinized and torn apart by the brainwashed denizens of a lost social culture-

oh thought police, how you torture me with your conditioning

theatrics aside...after a while i reached my peak, there's not much i can say on myspace at this point that can be appreciated. so...i stopped writing.

i stopped, and people stopped listening. and while there are other reasons, we'll just keep it basic and save them for another post

but hey, i love the attention.

i loved having people read my thoughts and ponderings. i guess it was only a matter of time before i found a new home. a matter of time before i got the urge to call in and lend another voice to the choir-

my name is Lo Custamato...

and like usual, i'm back~