Sunday, January 17, 2010

live 2 write

bein' home ain't workin'...debts and all

if god got a list then he ex'd me off

how extra, 'specially to let me fall

no blessin'? dead me and left me gone

am i p-noid about a life beyond ours?

can't w(h)ine about it like a pinot noir

it's no in between though, eat or starve

they gon' make a monster like c rayz walz

thought about leavin' find my wealth

could be i'm prideful and i need help

i sit and think about it like a bright idea

you see it in my style like your eye's on my gear

you don't gotta be blind though you don't see

my eyes say it all but i'm hard to read

still shine, world gon' lust this glare

through the grey skies, son's right there...

-me from a song you'll likely never hear.