Monday, December 31, 2007

untitled #1

i heard somewhere that i can't remember that we are all tied together by invisible lines...

after some of the things i've seen in this life and these times, i'd have to say i believe that. sans details i'll also say, no matter how far i go i haven't shaken those wonderful people. those brilliant existentialists who would just as soon wipe their dusty shit kickers on me than help me up from my spill.

thank goodness for my mother. she's the only person who's kept it "real".

i've had friends turn to mortal enemies. they may not view themselves that dismally, but they are. the same way i was. just an expendable byproduct in their hearts and minds. i didn't know it, but that was my role. on some level...that's ok-

this is the ugly side of nature.

honestly, the encounters i had with them, directly or indirectly...after our "courtship" was over have been extremely illuminating. some of these people don't even know how close i still am to them. or hell, the other way around-

rock the bells? yup. same day, same place.
myspace? yup. the usual way. get the picture don't you?

i'm assuming that anyone who's had ANYONE they'd rather not see again can understand how this would present a problem.

back to the invisible lines.

maybe i got it from a movie...maybe i wish it wasn't so wonderfully fitting. all i can do is hope i'm not tied to these "people". these demons. i hope it's some kind of psychological thing, whereby i seek them out in some conscious/unconscious way and poof! there they are. my darling spectacles of human beings. here's hoping i'll snap out of this unreality and be truly free of them and their enduring memory.


there might not be anything more to say than that.


Monday, December 24, 2007

random thing...xmas edition

not really too into christmas.

i enjoy getting together with people but all the extra stuff that comes with, you can keep that.

christmas makes everything that's important to me stop cold. seeing as how i'm not religious and can see how that's an inconvenience.

bah humbug.


Monday, December 3, 2007

fuck has' day...advanced

here it is party people

i'll have this up for download tomorrow. as for right now, listen to it, enjoy it, comment...and check back with me tomorrow to get your copy-

Fuck Has Day


digital download: 12/4/07

one love,