Thursday, August 21, 2008



i gotta stop lining up so many projects at once. if you don't know, i'm a rapper (if you really didn't know, shame on you).

i have a tendency to plan and begin projects only to abandon them for some reason of other. i've had a change happen deep in my cold heart though. for a while now i have resigned myself to finishing each and every one of these ideas and albums no matter how long it takes. of course time is not always on my side.

so my list is as follows (in no order)-

1. Has-Lo - Cold War lp

2. Has-Lo - C.O.B.R/A lp

3. Has-Lo/Small Professor - Dead End Kids lp

4. Has-Lo - In Case I Don't Make It lp

5. The Train & Dial - Gods and Pets and Robots

that's my release therapy for the next 2 years about...give or take. 

well...back to writing for me and small pro's opus. a lot of funny stories will undoubtedly come from this one so stay tuned...all 2 of you.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

from this day forward...

here's one for you einsteins that know it all about life: eat a dick

here's one for you bum bitches that think you're so special because you look good: eat a dick

here's one for for you fake motherfuckers with your tired ass observations about how i'm living: eat a fucking dick

here's one for you geniuses who find pleasure in stating the obvious: eat a dick

and the assholes who try and play you so they feel better about their meaningless lives: eat a dick

here's one for you pea brains with whom i've wasted precious time i'll never get back, listening to your weak ass problems, only to have the favor not be repayed when i needed to talk to somebody:





dig a hole. go fall in.

you've all succefully made me more jaded about people than i already am. so here's where we go from here: don't expect me to give a fuck about you or your problems. if you need someone to talk to, pay me. otherwise, fuck yourself.

if what you have to say doesn't gel with me, don't be surprised if i completely cut you off. if you think you're so important that i'll be hurt somehow by never speaking to you again in life...go mouth-fuck a magnum. it's been a loooong time since i met anyone i cared that much about.

thank you all for making life just a little bit more tedious. i appreciate it.

i hope you die, i hope your cunt-mouth mothers and fathers die, i hope your sisters get fist fucked before your eyes, i hope your brothers commit suicide.


take it back i hope you don't die. i hope you live to see your family disentegrate and live in helpless agony for the rest of your lives...and i hope i'm there to see it all.

your friendly punching bag,