Thursday, September 27, 2007

a chair wit' 3 legs...

i'm not really about putting youtube videos on my blog.

but this one is from one of my favorite emcees, ghostface killah. pretty tony chops it up about the various aspects of sex...


thank you ghostface. you've helped us all understand the world a little better.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

fuck has' day...scratch mechanics

it's finally taking shape!

today was such a good day...

nas remixes are a few hours from being done...that'll make 12 whip-smashers to feast on. bong. i also took a trip to odin smith labs tonight. my resident vinyl specialist, dj shamrock, was there on some other business. once that was taken care of, he laid down the scratches to my song "calibration".

it's got disciplinary problems...i can see that already.

"fuck has' day" is looking like it's really going to shape up. i meant to write another entry about it, but i finished vocals a few weeks ago now. next up is my early october session. i'm spending the weekend. finalizing the arrangements and adding sound effects, a little extra ad-libing, so and so forth. the boring stuff basically-

what does that mean for me?

preparation. in order to get everything done i'll need to do some of my sequencing in the mpc. ugh. i hate that shit. it looks like the extra song i spoke about in an earlier entry won't make it. i have one song currently on the cutting room floor. maybe i'll throw it on the cd for good measure. it's actually not a bad song at all. i originally planned to record a bunch of extra tracks in case i wanted to switch up at the end. needless to say that didn't happen but there is this loner of a's called "the usual way" and i'm rather partial to it, yes i am.

i've also got a dope collab' in the works. i'm hoping that will pan out sooner than later. either way it's only a matter of time-

"look who's shinin' again..."


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

random thing

i haven't been feeling very creative lately.

is it depression? or the utter lack of light in this dugeon i call my "lab"?

one never knows...

a good friend of mine recently found out something. he found out that the kind of girl he wants does in fact exist.

back on my end, i find myself less and less enchanted with the idea of a dream girl...a soul mate, you might say. in fact, the concept of a significant other is dull and idealized to me. and before someone jumps off the cliff with their poor understanding of english, i don't think that i can't get a girlfriend. i just don't want to jump through hoops for one. i'm not a circus seal-

allow me to draw you a comparison...

one time, years ago, i met a few members of the roots crew. at the time i was big into the roots' music. i had all their albums.

it didn't take long for all that to change...

they were absolute pricks and i never felt the same about them or their music. i sold off all of my roots cds...and to this day i can't get into them.

in laymen's for the poor english comp' people:

my analogy means that i'm so turned off by my experiences with "women", that i have no interest in a relationship or "love". things that could be simple and breezy are made into complex problems with no logical solutions.

when i was younger that was ok.

however, the girls i like now have breast, secondary sex characteristics, and they're of legal drinking age.

so...not really ok anymore.

and hey, while i'm on the subject i'll let you ladies in on a little secret: men DON'T like games.


i know! shocked, huh?!

yea, we hate 'em. which is a direct conflict of interest because you guys live by them. tsk tsk...what to do? how about...not playing them? they're meaningless because they aren't designed to accomplish anything. don't you think that's a little bazaar? a game with no point? no object...or reasoning? no set rules, structure or direction?

that doesn't sound like fun at all. but i guess if you can change the rules anytime you want...

regardless, i can't help but be happy for my friend. i hope things work better for him than they did for me. the beauty of a new relationship is so easily lost. the new person you meet doesn't know what you've been through before they came along. i find it odd that they usually don't have enough respect for another human being to take that into consideration, and not play with their emotions.

of course, if the world were filled with straight-shooters and honest folks there would be world peace, wouldn't there?

sadly a lie is more important than a life.

when deception and manipulation are the signs of the time, it's next to impossible at times to find even basic positive traits in a female. if you find them...actually i don't know what happens if you find them.


Monday, September 10, 2007

my first song...

i've been on a serious binge.

i've been remixing this nas album in between working on my cd. it's almost like doing 2 albums at once. one thing that means is beats galore.

even though i've been very happy with my latest batch i'm my own worst critic. when i'm in my basement (the current laboratory) all i can really get is a sense of how the finished product might sound.

until i finish whatever i'm working on, i don't take it to the studio. which means til i'm finished hooking up beats for the nas remixes, i can't be 100% sure that everything i try will work. i've never remixed a song before...i tinkered around from time to time. but it never panned out.

here's some insight-

if the acapella track doesn't match EXACTLY with the speed of the beat, the two will drift further and further apart. it'll sound uglier than my ex-girlfriend's insults. i would listen to known producer's remixes and wonder how the hell they got the vocals to stay on beat.

i had all kinds of theories about it. they turned out to be more complicated than the actual solution. there is a trick to i'm like a machine.

the question is: ok. when do we get to hear these remixes??

as for nas, not just yet. i have something else for you though. havoc of mobb deep has a solo record coming out. there's a contest going on...remix his song, win some shit. in a lot of ways this was my test. if this remix hadn't come out good i can't say i'd want to finish the nas thing.

this past weekend, i went to the studio to finish recording my cd. while i was there i took a little time to lay down this havoc remix. i hooked the beat up, then arranged it. odin stepped in and mixed it down.

and here it is-

i've got the original version up here too. if you aren't familiar with it, take a quick listen. the lyrics are kinda stupid but hey, it was fun to put my spin on a creation that was already set in stone...

Havoc - I'm the Boss (original)

and now my version: I'm The Boss (Has-Lo Remix)

i'm pretty proud of the first one. if you want to download it i think you just click on the song name.

of course i doubt i'll win the contest. they always pick the wackest people, then they wonder why it never goes anywhere. fuck corny rap. if you wanna super-man that hoe or some weird shit like that, you're in the wrong need to super-man your ass back to reality, hoe

let me know what you think party people.