Thursday, November 12, 2009

money! awesome.

where do i even start?

one never believes that money could bring more problems when you're broke. i can see how that would be. the lack of even a marginal amount of money to live with leaves you unable to focus on the idea in any tangible way. you are incapable of empathy...

i'm finding that even with a small amount the problems begin to surface. 

case and point: i recently received a college return check. it was for 4,300 dollars, pretty nice. my family (of course) wants a piece of this money. so they bother me everyday about calling the credit union that's been assigned to the task of clearing my check. 

a word about this credit union: i previously had an account with these people. eventually i stopped using the account...but they didn't stop charging me inactivity fees. i didn't even want to re-open the damn thing. reluctantly i do and what happens? they inform me that they're taking 300 dollars off top for the inactivity. it's such a racket. when asked how long it takes for an inactive account to be closed out...they said they just don't. they simply continue charging you for something you aren't using. 

so off that 4300 hundred, my family has already cost me 300 by insisting on this course of action. 


now, they ask me everyday if i've called the place to check on the money. multiple times a day. honestly, this wouldn't be such an issue if the harassment weren't under the guise of "help". they're trying to help me get my money faster...really?

if only i could ONE single solitary day without having my intelligence insulted. one can dream i guess.

sick of writing.


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